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Guy wire supported stack design can be extremely complicated. The designer must consider the nonlinearity of the cables as well as all combinations of load direction, corrosion and temperature in order to find the worst case for each element of the design. Most general purpose structural programs (StaadPro, Risa, etc..) simply don't handle guyed stack design adequately, or they make it extremely difficult and time consuming. MecaStack not only makes modeling a guyed stack simple, but it automatically constructs an array of load cases to ensure that the worst case scenarios for each element of the design is captured. It also helps with the selection of the appropriate guy wire hardware. The design of one guyed stack usually saves enough time to recover the cost of the software.

Outputs are customizable in MecaStack. The user may select which output is displayed before anything is analyzed. Then once the analysis is ran, the user can select from a table of contents which items are going to be presented in the final report. Also, clicking on any of the table of contents will take the user directly to that section. Sections involving “Pass” or “Fail” criteria are displayed with the colors and . This allows the user to quickly determine if there are any problems in the stack. GREEN (everything passing) RED (at least one Steel Stack design software.

This software is leased on an annual basis. There are two main options available with the software:

License Type:
Single User - This version is to be installed on a single users computer. It can be activated/deactivated up to six (6) times per year.

Network - This can be installed on as many computers as you wish and one user per license can be using the software at a given time. If you are interested in a network license please contact us at (888) 204-7705 for a quotation.

Self Supported - Used to design/analysis self supported (Free standing) stacks. The module performs a linear analysis and can also consider rigid lateral supports, such as bracing to a building.

Lease Period = One (1) Year from Date of Purchase 
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a fully functioning demo to try out the software?

We offer a limited demo, but we do not offer a full functioning demo.

Does the program have a help manual?

A help manual is provided with the program in the form of a pdf file. You may print it or view it electronically.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use to software?

It is possible to run the software without internet connection; however there are specific instances where a connection is required: initial activation of software, to transfer use of software to another computer, check for updates automatically, use the floating network option.

Can I share the software with my coworkers?

Yes, the software can be shared if a network license if purchased. A single user license can only be used on 1 computer.

Is technical support available for the software?

Yes, technical support is available. Technical support is by email at support@mecaenterprises.com. Meca requests that questions be limited to the use of the software. They cannot provide interpretations as to how to apply the code to various situations.

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