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MecaLug Professional offers the same features of the standard version of the lifting lug software of analyzing a single lug or trunnion, but MecaLug Pro also has the added benefit of being able to apply those lugs to a lifting system and analyze what loads would be seen by the crane, cable, and lugs.  This Pro feature of the MecaLug allows the designer to consider lifting a piece of equipment or structure, and have the software determine the loads acting on each individual lug.  The analysis of each lug is then performed by the lifting lug software.  The Pro features make MecaLug an all-in-one lifting lug software.

When modelling the lifting lug the user will need to specify the following:

  • Lug Geometry
  • Cheek Plate Dimensions (If applicable)
  • Attachment dimensions (i.e. cylindrical shell, beam, etc..)
  • Shackle selection (Checks clearances and capacities)
  • Material properties
  • Loads acting in the X, Y and Z direction on the lug (Multiple load cases may be entered)

After the data is entered, the analysis can then be performed. The user can quickly determine Pass vs Fail by using our simple system where Green is Passing and Red is Failing. You can quickly survey the output and determine the problematic areas. After the design is final, you can then pick and choose which information will be used in the final report.

For a single lug analysis, this will contain a complete analysis of the lug per ASME BTH-1, considering each of the load cases entered by the user. 

For the lifting system, a complete analysis of the loads in each cable, at each crane point, and acting on the lugs.

MecaLug comes in two versions: 1) MecaLug Standard and 2) MecaLug Pro.

Feature MecaLug Standard MecaLug Professional
Single Lifting Lug Analysis yes yes
Lug Shackle Checks yes yes
ASME BTH-1 Calculations yes yes 
Lifting Trunnion Analysis yes yes 
Complete Lifting System no yes 
Calculate Crane Reactions no  yes 
Calculate Cable Loads no  yes 


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