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Engilab Frame.2D
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EngiLab Frame.2D 2021 (formerly EngiLab Beam.2D) is an easy-to-use yet powerful engineering tool for the linear static analysis of plane (2D) structures for Windows. It can analyze continuous beams, plane frames and plane trusses. The program features a full Graphical User Interface (GUI) for pre-processing or post-processing and uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) for its analysis purposes.


  • Full compatibility with any consistent system of units (Metric, Imperial, etc) - No limitations on units
  • 3 Degrees Of Freedom (DOFs) per Node (X-, Y-Displacements, Z-Rotation)
  • Analysis of 1D Multi-span (continuous) Beams, 2D Frames, 2D Trusses
  • Built-in Section Properties Calculator for most standard sections
  • Any type of constraints (DX, DY, RZ) and Springs is supported
  • Rotation releases (hinges) at start and/or end of Elements
  • Nodal Loads (FX, FY, MZ)
  • Uniform or Linear varying Loads along any Element
  • Body (Acceleration) Loads (e.g. Gravity - Self Weight)


  • Node X-, Y-Displacements and Z-Rotation
  • Element End Forces (Axial Force, Shear Force, Bending Moment)
  • Support Reactions
  • Full analysis report in Rich Text Format (RTF) containing all the above results plus the six pictures (Model, N, V, M, Deformation and Free ody Diagram)
  • Full self-validation of the Analysis results (Sum of FX, FY Forces, Sum of Bending Moments should be all zero)
    • Global (Model) Equilibrium check
    • Individual Element Equilibrium check


  • Easily editable (with a text editor such as Notepad) .bea input file
  • Modern, easy-to-use and powerful Graphical User Interface for Pre- and Post-Processing (Zoom, Pan features, Mouse middle button and wheel support)
  • Import of DXF Drawings as Analysis Models
  • Drawing of diagrams with automatic scaling support and showing intermediate values on screen.
    • Axial Force diagram (N)
    • Shear Force diagram (V)
    • Bending Moment diagram (M)
  • Drawing of the Model Deformation with automatic scaling support and showing intermediate deformation values on screen.
  • Drawing of the Free Body Diagram (F) picture which shows the Model, all the forces (external forces and support reactions) and the Model equilibrium.


EngiLab Frame.2D Pro requires a License Key in order to operate. Upon purchase, the user automatically receives a License Key via email. The License Key is bound to the specific user via the “Registration Name” that was given by the user and it certifies that the copy of the program is original.

EngiLab Frame.2D Pro needs also an Activation Key in order to be activated and run. Normally, after the user enters the License Key, the program connects with EngiLab Servers in order to obtain an Activation Key online. The Activation Key is bound to the specific License Key and to the specific Computer that asked for it. Unlike the License Key that can be used in more than one Computers (see our Policy below), an Activation Key obtained for one Computer cannot be used to activate the program on another Computer.

One User – Two Machines per License Policy: The maximum number of allowed Activations per License Key is two (2). This means that a user having purchased EngiLab Frame.2D Pro and being given a License Key is eligible for 2 Activation Keys, for use with two different Computers. The two different Computers will have the same License Key, but different Activation Keys. As a result, a user can use the same License Key for his primary (e.g. Desktop) and secondary (e.g. Laptop) Computer and each Computer can obtain a unique Activation Key bound to it.

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