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Duct Design
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Archon Application Suite
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Price: $60.00
Price: $60.00
Archon Application Suite
Price: $1,000.00

Welcome to the Solverware engineering software store. Our mission is to offer quality engineering software to engineers so they can be more productive in their jobs. We continue to add new software titles so please check back often.

  • HX-input-screen.jpg
    Heat Exchanger Performance is a powerful, user friendly, program for the analysis of two types of Heat Exchangers: Shell & Multi-Tube Exchangers, and Double Pipe Exchangers
  • Energy-Analyst-CD.jpg
    THE ENERGY ANALYST is a series of twenty-six sophisticated, engineering programs for the engineer who specifies, operates, or tests power plant components or evaluates energy alternatives - $ 349
  • steam5.jpg
    Steam Tables - thermodynamic properties of water and steam using '67 and '97 formulations
    Process analysis function to calculate difference between two points (e.g., enthalpy, entropy)
  • Archon-CD-2.jpg
    Archon Application Suite of 25 apps
    Of interest to civil, mechanical and structural engineers. Great apps!
  • Multispan-Beams.jpg
    Beam Analysis App is designed to provide a quick method for the Engineer to obtain beam moment, shear, stress, rotation and deflection values
  • zcalc-input-output.jpg
    zCalc is a natural gas compressibility calculator based on the AGA-8 standard
    zCalc is used on gas pipelines in South America
  • pipe-network.jpg
    The Pipe Network app uses the iterative Hardy-Cross algorithm to determine the flow and pressure loss in each leg of a series-parallel pipe network.