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SUPPORTS ASCE 7-05, 7-10 and 7-16

MecaWind is a wind load calculator software used to calculate wind loads and/or wind pressures on the main wind force resisting system (MWFRS) of buildings and many other structures (Chimneys, Tanks, Towers, Open Signs, Closed Signs, Solar Panels, Rooftop Equipment, Canopy, Bins, Tanks, Silos and Free Standing Walls).  It is based upon the ASCE 7 standard used throughout the United States for design loads, which is published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  The MecaWind wind load calculator software contains multiple versions of the ASCE 7 standard as well as the Florida Building Code (FBC).  For instance, it includes, ASCE 7-05, ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 7-16, each being a different release of the same standard.  The latest version is ASCE 7-16.  ASCE 7-05 is also included in MecaWind, but this older version of the standard is used less frequently in jurisdictions. However, having it included allows users to evaluate existing structures to the older version of the ASCE 7 standard. MecaWind software is very cost effective, easy to use, and has a minimal learning curve.  The software allows you to perform wind design with ease and is essentially a wind pressure calculator. 

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Does the program have a help manual?

A help manual is provided with the program in the form of a pdf file. You may print the file or
view it electronically.

Is technical support available for the software? 
Yes, technical support is available through Meca by email.

Does it meet State Codes (FL, HI, etc...)?

Any state using ASCE 7-10 or 7-16. It's difficult to keep up with all state requirements, but it appears all states are now following
ASCE 7. Specific states that we know reference ASCE 7 include: Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Hawaii.

What is the latest version of the ASCE 7 Standard? 

The latest version is ASCE 7-16.

I'm not an Engineer, is the software going to be difficult to learn? 

The software itself is fairly simple to use; however, the program follows the ASCE 7 standard, and honestly it is not always a simple standard to follow. You probably already know this, and that's why you are looking to purchase software. The ASCE 7 standard uses a lot of terminology and has a lot of notes and special exceptions. The software helps navigate through those issues, but it still requires some familiarity with the ASCE 7 standard.

Do I need a copy of the ASCE 7-10 or ASCE 7-16 standard?

It is recommended to have a copy of the standard.

Does the program come with a tutorial?

There are online videos which can be helpful in getting up to speed. There is also an ebook, which is a great tool to explain wind load calculations and how to use the software to calculate wind loads.

Does the software handle oddly shaped buildings (T, L, U, etc...)?

The MecaWind Pro does come with the L-Shaped Building Feature, however there is not an option in the software for other oddly shaped buildings  ike T and U. These shapes can be handled by making multiple analysis runs of the software. There is a good example of this in the eBook that we offer. 

Youtube Videos of MecaWind (these are of MecaWind PRO). Not all features available in MecaWind.

MecaWind PRO New Features (1 of 2)

MecaWind PRO New Features (2 of 2)


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