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Chempak Plus is a two-module package giving the user a physical properties database, process calculator and properties estimation package designed for chemical engineering applications.

Chempak Plus Main Module:

  • Thermodynamic and transport properties of over 650 compounds
  • Critical properties, boiling and melting points
  • Vapor pressure, specific volume, specific heats, enthalpy, entropy
  • Latent heat, viscosity, conductivity, surface tension
  • Property values for vapor and liquid phases versus temperature and pressure
  • Properties can be ranged and graphed against temperature or pressure
  • Calculation of adiabatic flash, isentropic and non-isentropic processes
  • User-defined liquids
  • User-defined mixtures
  • User-defined compounds (Chempak Plus Property Estimator)
  • Any combination of US or Metric units may be used

Chempak Plus Property Estimation Module

If you cannot find the compound you want in the main Chempak Plus database, the Chempak Plus Property Estimator allows you to define and store new compounds that are specified in both vapor and liquid phases for all Chempak thermodynamic and transport properties.

Knowing only the structural formula of the new compound, good-quality estimates can be derived for all properties using default methods in the Chempak Plus Property Estimator. Properties may be estimated by corresponding states or group contribution methods or by entry of known data or correlations. When additional data is known (for example, boiling point, critical properties) then the overall accuracy of the estimated properties can be greatly improved.

Any combination of US or Metric units can be employed. Chempak Plus Property Estimator offers graphical and data analysis features to assist the user. All data may be saved for recall within the Chempak Plus Property Estimator or for properties calculation in Chempak Plus.

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