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This product suite includes all of Archon's 25 applications.

All of the following applications are included:

This program will handle most of your masonry design needs. The program has features to address Concrete, Stone, Clay and Glass units. It addresses reinforced, unreinforced, empirical, seismic and wall design. The program will also handle your veneer questions.

Archon Snow Loads

This program makes the complex ASCE-7 snow load analysis simple. This is the second in our series to replace the old BOCA program. This program gives you your snow loads within seconds, without the hassle of flipping through the code pages.

This program will provide the designer with the required pole embedment depth and stress information for his posts. Great for design of signs or light poles.

This program will assist the Engineer or Contractor in the design, analysis and installation of a horizontal safety cable. The program includes databases for steel cable and connection hardware. The program will provide cable tension, sag, end reactions and do a check to see if your installation is adequate for the loads.

This program provides Psychrometric properties of air given two properties as input values at a known altitude (or atmospheric pressure). The properties are determined using the ideal gas law for the behavior of air. Once the properties are determined, the point is indicated on the Psychrometric chart. Process lines can be connected between any two know points, this will provide the user with the differences in moving from one point to the next. Additionally, this program will allow the user to perform some basic HVAC calculations that depend on psychrometrics.

This program provides the thermodynamic properties of water using IFC formulation for industrial use. Knowing any two properties, the user is able to completely define the properties of water/steam. Unlike most steam table programs, this program also provides the user with the point's location on the T-S diagram. Multiple points can be connected by a line, defining the user's process system. It even gives you the steam quality.

This program will provide shear and warping normal stresses on W,C and Z members. You no longer have to use the AISC tables when dealing with torsion. Major time saver.

This program will provide a weld stress analysis for almost any weld shape that you can imagine. Cut a 30 minute weld design down to 10 seconds. You can draw your own weld shape or pick one of the common shapes from the main screen.

Need a quick stability analysis on a retaining wall? Retwall will give you soil bearing loads, analyze the wall stability, calculate all wall moments, design your rebar and give you design sketches. The program will handle flowing water and multi-layers of backfill. You can adjust all allowable values to meet whatever code requirements you are tied to.

This program contains several sub programs that the structural engineer uses every day. The functions include a steel shape database, section property calculator, slenderness K values, minimum weld sizes, bolt edge distances, natural frequency calculator, concrete mix spec generator, rebar database, units conversion, material weight database, thermal expansion calculator, wire and sheet metal gage dimensions.

This program will analyze most of the structural connections described in the AISC ASD design manual. It takes the pain out of connection design.

This program will check your column base plates and surface mounted plates. It also does a full check on your embedded studs or anchor bolts. You can now adjust all the design factors that the program uses, so you can have it work to your specific code requirements.

Have a rigging question? Then you need this program. This program gives you cable, sling and hardware strengths. It will also give you cable loads based on various rigging configurations. Take your laptop to the field and get the job done!

This database program provides all the section and dimension properties for steel shapes, based on the 7th, 8th and 9th edition of the AISC steel manual. Great graphics and print capability. Now you'll never say "#$% I have the wrong version of the manual!".

(Unitless) This program will generate sections properties for almost any shape that you will ever need.

This is our most popular program. Analyze single or multiple span beams. Add almost any load combination you need. You will get shear, moment and deflected shape diagrams. A full AISC ASD code check will be performed against the 9th edition of the code. Note, the code check will not be performed when Metric units are used, but you will get the stress information.

Need joint reactions on a three member rigid frame? This program will give them to you. The latest version allows multiple load input.

This program will provide reactions, moments and stresses on wood beams and trusses. There is also a complete database for code checking, glu-lam members, general wood, plywood, fasteners and a lot more. This program is a must for anyone who builds structures in wood.

This neat little program provides a large database for all types of bolts and screws. It also will tell you the required torque.

Need a moment, reaction, stress or deflection on a circular plate? Then you need this program.

This program will do almost any type of reinforced concrete design that you can think of.

This program will calculate your storm run-off, channel capacity, culvert capacity and storm drain capacity.

This program will help you design single or adjacent footings, wall footings, spread footings and a lot more. You can adjust the way the program reviews the data to fit whatever code requirements you are working to.

This program contains several functions commonly used by mechanical engineers. These functions include a pipe database, flange dimensions, pressure/temperature ratings, hardness conversions, wire gage dimensions, minimum pipe wall calculator, units conversion, stress intensity factors (SIFs) and a pressure drop calculator.

This program makes the complex ASCE 7-98 wind load analysis simple. ArchWind98 provides much more data output than our earlier wind load analysis program. This program provides the ability to obtain wind loads for most of the structure types described in ASCE 7-98.


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