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GlassPro performs loading resistance analysis for glass, using the criteria contained in the ASTM E1300 standard. The program handles multiple glass construction, including Monolithic, Laminated, or Insulated Glass. Using ASTM E1300 can be quite tedious and time consuming to use, because of the many charts and graphs which must be used to perform the analysis. GlassPro makes this analysis very simple, since all of these curves have been curvefit and incorporated directly into the software. The software supports ASTM E1300-04 and ASTM E1300-02/03.

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Meca Enterprises, Inc.

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Demo Program

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  • You can now dynamically toggle between English and Metric units. The program automatically converts all of the input and results to the desired units. Now you can enter your information in one set of units, and convert everything with a click of the button.
  • Automatically shows a scale drawing based upon the information you entered, which gives an instant indication if you have entered everything as intended.
  • accommodates multiple loads and multiple load durations for the Annealed type glass. The user can enter up to 25 different loads and load durations.
  • Displays and prints the corresponding Non-Factored Load and Deflection charts with a click of a button
  • Displays all calculations and data in the Analysis. The Analysis gives clear and concise results in pass/fail format.
  • Provides efficient method for designing glass.
  • Will run on any PC which has Windows 98 or better.

  • System requirements

  • Will run on any PC which has Windows 98 or better.

  • Platform

    Windows 9x program Win9x/NT/2000/ME/XP


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